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The Russian Language Mentor (RLM) is a self-paced Language Maintenance and Development Curriculum intended for intermediate to advanced Russian linguists.

The RLM Curriculum currently consists of the following Tools:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Grammar Review
  • Cultural Literacy (written in English)
  • Scientific and Technical Literacy
There are also Crossword Puzzles available for developing vocabulary, a Sharing Internet Resources section, and several "recreational-yet-edifying sites" in the Irregardless Gallery at the Boris and Gleb Tea Room, including collections of linguistic bloopers, palindromes and tongue twisters.

Important Note: Most RLM tools can be used independent of each other; however, it is strongly recommended that students complete the first four modules of Reading Comprehension before beginning Listening Comprehension.

Work continues on the expansion of existing RLM tools and on the development of new tools. If you would like to make suggestions or contribute to the effort, please use the Feedback forms.

Before you begin using the RLM, you need to make sure that you have JavaScript enabled on your Netscape browser:

  • If you are certain JavasScript is enabled, then Click on the TOOLS button and select a tool.
  • If you are uncertain, Click on the SET-UP button for instructions on how to enable JavaScript.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Each tool will have additional set-up instructions for fonts, audio, typing, etc. depending on the kinds of exercises they provide. Be sure to follow the SET-UP instructions once you open the tool.

Again, please use the Feedback button on the left to send us your comments, questions, and concerns. Good luck!